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With enough coffee, I can move deadlines--and I have a lot of coffee.


I currently pencil, ink, and color stories for Teen Titans Go! for DC Comics and have drawn comics and covers of characters from Cartoon Network, Disney, Marvel, Hasbro, American Greetings, and other companies.

I'm proficient in Photoshop, and experienced with Cintiqs, digital media, webcomics, and traditional media.

I’ve studied character design with Steven Silver (Mad Magazine,Kim Possible) and Shaun Bryant (Trolls, DreamWorks), and color and design for painting at The Oatley Academy. I am a member of Women in Animation.


Artist for DC Comics' Teen Titans Go!, based on the Cartoon Network show.

Artist for The Little Mermaid (Disney).

Cover illustrator for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time (BOOM! Studios) and Hasbro’s My Little Pony (IDW).

Artist for The Hardy Boys: Ocean Of Osyria (Papercutz).

Artist/Writer for Girl Comics‘ “A Moving Experience,” starring Wolverine and Magneto (Marvel).

Artist for Marvel Mangaverse: The Punisher (Marvel).

Conceived, wrote and drew Texas Steampunk I: Cathedral Child, followed by Texas Steampunk II: Clockwork Angels (Image).

Conceived, wrote and drew Rumble Girls: SWT series (Image and NBM).

Co-created Killer Princesses with Gail Simone (Oni Press).

Wrote and drew a story for the award-winning Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo anthology.

Other clients include Viz, Studio Proteus, Dark Horse and Fantagraphics.



Launched and edited GirlAMatic.com. GirlAMatic published new creators like Raina Telgemeier (New York Times bestsellers Smile and Drama) that would go on to publication with houses such as Scholastic and First Second, and receive Eisner and Horn Book awards.



Eisner nomination as “Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition”

Eisner nomination as contributor to the anthologies Dignifying Science, Brain Bomb, and Comic Book Tattoo.

Eisner nomination for What's Michael? as Best Humor Publication.

Eisner and Harvey awards for Comic Book Tattoo as Best Anthology.

“Lulu of the Year” award from Friends of Lulu for GirlAMatic.com.